Where to Find Quality Upholstery Fabric in California: A Shopper’s Guide

Quality Upholstery Fabric

California is home to many great options for finding quality upholstery fabric. From major fabric stores to local shops, there are plenty of places to get the textiles you need for your next furniture makeover or reupholstering project. This guide will cover the top spots to buy upholstery fabric in California and tips for selecting the right materials.


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Brick-and-Mortar Stores

brick-and-mortar stores

Brick-and-mortar fabric stores are physical retail locations where customers can browse and purchase fabrics, sewing notions, and other craft supplies in person. These shops offer a wide selection of fabrics, including cotton, knits, wovens, fleece, vinyl, designer fabrics like silks and laces, and vintage and repurposed fabrics.

Local/Independent Fabric Shops

California has plenty of smaller, local fabric shops worth checking out. Though the selection is smaller, these independents often have high-quality offerings and helpful staff. Search for “upholstery fabric store near me” to find boutiques in your area.

Online Stores

Need help finding what you need locally? Shopping online opens up more options for upholstery fabric in colors, patterns, and textures that may not be carried in stores near you.

Tips for Finding Quality Fabric

When shopping for upholstery fabric, keep these tips in mind to make sure you select materials that will stand the test of time:

Check Fabric Details

Look at the fiber content, abrasion rating, and other specs to assess durability. Opt for tightly woven natural fibers or microfibers over looser weaves.

Focus on Performance Fabrics

Fabrics with built-in stain resistance, water repellence, or antimicrobial properties will hold up better.

Feel for Quality

Test thickness, softness, and texture in person whenever possible. Higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality.

Order Samples First

If shopping online, order samples to see colors, patterns, and fabric quality up close.

Ask for Recommendations

Tell in-store staff or customer service about which fabrics work best for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quality Upholstery Fabric

1. What are good fabrics for upholstering dining room chairs?

Cotton canvas, microsuede, wool, and stain-resistant polyester are good, durable options that withstand spills and wear.

Check fabric resale sites like eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace for discounted designer upholstery fabrics. Also, visit warehouse sales.

12-18 yards is typical for a standard 3-cushion sofa. More complicated patterns and matching fabric require extra yardage.

Ready to Redecorate?

With proper planning and smart shopping, you can find quality upholstery fabrics in California suited for DIY projects and furniture reupholstering on any budget. Use the recommendations in this shopper’s guide to discover excellent in-state stores and online resources like Cut-Yardage, which offers discounted designer fabrics shipped quickly across California.

The key is assessing your project’s unique fabric needs, creating a budget, and seeking the right textiles. When evaluating upholstery fabric options, focus on durability, performance, quality, and design—order samples before purchasing when possible. With a carefully curated selection of fabrics, you can bring your furniture visions to life with a custom California look and feel.

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Salil Shetye

Salil, the owner of Cut-Yardage, combines his passion for design with his deep understanding of premium fabrics to offer a wide range of custom window treatments, bedding, and upholstery options for homes throughout Northern California. He works closely with clients to grasp their unique preferences and needs, and together with his experienced team, crafts personalized pieces that beautifully merge style and functionality.