Custom Bedding

Your bedroom should be a calming retreat where you can relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. At Cut-yardage, we help you create that haven of comfort and style with our selection of custom bedding products. Experience rest in plush sheets, crisp layers, and embroidered details with our custom-made bedding products.
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Rest Easier With Custom Bedding Designed for You

Our innovative custom bedding products encourage a more comfortable, healthier, and refreshing night’s sleep. Our huge achievements in this regard result from our over 25 years of experience as a market leader in the design and fabrication of quality custom bedding.

We are fully committed to understanding your needs and preferences. Our in-house research and development team continues to push new boundaries to provide customers with quality products that will leave them feeling refreshed and energetic the next day.

Our Custom Bedding

With our selection of products, you no longer have to choose bedding that doesn’t meet your needs nor perfectly match your bedroom’s wider aesthetic. We guarantee perfection. From bedspreads to duvet inserts, we offer everything you need to elevate your bedroom to a true oasis.
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Light To Medium Weight Bed Covering
customized coverlet bedding in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage


Light To Medium Weight Bed Covering
custom comforter in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage


Medium To Heavyweight Bed Covering
custom duvet inserts in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage

Duvet Covers

Bed Covering To Hold Pre-Made Comforter
custom duvet covers in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage

Custom Duvet Inserts

Duvet Inserts / Comforters
customized bedskirts in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage


Decorative covering that conceals the underside of your bed

Why Choose Us for Your Bedding?

Quality Craftsmanship

Our highly trained crew members have years of experience delivering premium-level craftsmanship. We craft excellent bedding products designed with durability and lasting comfort in mind.

Designs for every style and preference

Whether you’re looking for bedding to match a timeless aesthetic or newer, on-trend styles, we can cater to your tastes.

Durable, easy-to-clean options

Our customers love durable bedding, but they also want convenience. It’s why we produce our bedding with materials that are easy to clean. Maintaining your beautiful bed shouldn’t be stressful.

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custom comforter in sacramento, ca | cut-yardage

Free In-Home Consultation

At Cut-yardage, we understand that creating the perfect bedroom by flipping through pages or making decisions on a screen is not always realistic. Therefore, we offer free in-home consultations across Sacramento.

Our consultants will visit your home, assess your space, and discuss your vision. Get the expert advice you need right in the comfort of your home.

Our Beddings Gallery

Do you need some inspiration for your bedroom makeover? Do you want to see some of our products in use in bedrooms of different sizes? Immerse yourself in our custom bedding gallery below. See what style and comfort can look like.