Custom Window Blinds

Many homeowners and business owners in Sacramento, California, use blinds because of their timeless style and user-friendly practicality. They protect your privacy and go with almost any interior design choices. Cut-Yardage offers an impressive selection of custom blinds to complement all visual preferences.
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Why Choose Window Blinds in Sacramento?

Choosing blinds as your preferred window covering comes with numerous advantages, including:

  • Control over your privacy
  • Enhanced natural light allowance
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Easy maintenance
  • A treatment that most people know how to use

Plus, many window blinds in Sacramento come with cordless options. Our customers with frisky pets or energetic children value this safety feature.

Our Window Blinds Selection

We carry two materials that range from muted, neutral shades to bold, vibrant colors. Explore which material best suits your home or office below.

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Wood Blinds

Natural wood blinds in Sacramento work best in well-lit, dry areas like bedrooms and living rooms. They enhance open spaces with understated neutrality and all the benefits classic window blinds should offer. Since natural wood can easily incur water damage, we recommend keeping them out of humid rooms.
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Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood materials typically cost less than authentic wood. They work perfectly in bathrooms and kitchens because they seamlessly withstand high moisture levels. Our designers often suggest installing these treatments in high-up windows to prevent damage and increase longevity.

Cut-Yardage Is a Cut Above the Rest


We strive to achieve customer satisfaction for each service. All elements of your experience, from the quality materials to our accommodating staff, should make you feel right at home.

Design Experience

We bring over 25 years of industry experience and customer service to the table. Our reputation allows us to add exclusive to-the-trade products and supplies to our inventory.


Access pricing discounts on custom labor projects for practical, cost-effective customization. When you special order some materials, you can unlock similar savings.

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Preparing for a Custom Blinds Consultation

Before booking a consultation, consider what your custom blinds will help you accomplish. For example, do you want blinds with room-darkening capabilities that help boost energy efficiency, or do you have windows with unique shapes or sizes that need tailor-made window treatments? We’ll learn more about your needs and preferences during your consultation to find your perfect blinds.

Our Blinds Project

Custom blinds are as diverse as the homes and businesses we work with in Sacramento. Check out some of our recent installations below to glimpse the difference our high-quality, stylish blinds can make to any room.