Custom Cornices in Sacramento, CA

A set of cornices or valances helps you craft that seamless, finished appearance for each window treatment. It subtly hides treatment hardware behind a veil of fabric or hard material while adding a fashionable flair. Cut-Yardage carries an extensive collection of attractive window valances and cornices to add the perfect finishing touch to your window treatment.
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Crown Your Windows With Custom Cornices

We install window cornices along the top edge of your window. These decorative implements crown each window with an embellished design and benefits like:

  • Invisible hardware: Some of our customers find exposed hardware unsightly. Custom cornices and valances disguise treatment hardware for a more polished appearance.
  • More structure: Structural elements are essential to crafting tastefully ornate indoor spaces. Cornices made from composite materials add depth and character to your overall design.
  • Increased texture: If you have luxurious curtains, you can structure the treatment with wood or composite cornices. 
  • An extra feature for varied architecture: You can use cornices and valances as a bonus surface for additional patterns and colors to complement your base palette.

Different Cornice Style

Our cornices create a unique vibe in any indoor setting. Transform your kitchen and dining area into a personal, rustic bistro with quaint, plaid patterns. Implement sleek, solid colors to offset busy, unapologetic curtain patterns. Explore our cornice styles below to understand what works best for your design.
style c 1

Style C-1

style c 2

Style C-2

style c 3

Style C-3

style c 4

Style C-4

style c 5

Style C-5

style c 6

Style C-6

style c 7

Style C-6

style c 8

Style C-6

style c 9

Style C-6

style c 10

Style C-6

style c 11

Style C-6

style c 12

Style C-6

Cornice Pricing

Cornices - Estimated Yardage Calculator

Designer Services

Our designer services give you red carpet treatment without the price. If you ever fantasized about consulting your designer, you now have that chance. Cut-Yardage’s crew visits your home, studies all aspects of interior motifs that please your senses, and applies their extensive knowledge and talent to crafting customized window and upholstery solutions.

Our design process includes:

When you choose us, you’ll experience the difference personalized service makes firsthand. Then, you’ll never go back to old, stale interior design methods.
valance drapery in living room upscaled
cornice drapery in living room upscaled

Start With a Free Consultation

Whether you want our durable cornices or an entire window-treatment makeover, you’ll begin your experience with a design consultation. We’ll send one of our skilled designers to your location to learn more about what you want. Each consultation is free of charge and kickstarts a unique journey to enhance your home or business.

View Our Work

Check out some real-life examples of our cornices at work below.

Important Update on Cord Lock Roman Shades

Starting May 1st, 2024, we will discontinue Cord Lock Roman Shades in accordance with new guidelines from the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA). To enhance safety, these new standards eliminate free-hanging operating cords and multiple cord connectors.

For questions or help with selecting alternatives, please contact our customer service team.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.