Sheer Vertical Shades in Sacramento, CA

Discover SmartDrape™ Sheer Vertical Shades – a stylish, practical choice for large windows and patio doors. These shades offer a unique mix of drapery elegance and blind functionality, enhancing your space with light control and privacy.
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Elegance Meets Functionality

SmartDrape™’s award-winning design echoes the look of soft fold drapery and provides the utmost privacy and light control while helping you get the most out of your space in style with its collection of on-trend whites, off-whites, and grays. The unique individual vane construction lets you experience one of its two different built-in opacities. Setting your shades to “open,” you can view the sheer side, which comes in various patterns, such as circles and teardrops, while granting you a clearer view of the outside and better illumination. Rotate your shades to “closed,” and you’ll activate the light filtering or room darkening capabilities while still having the option to walk through the vanes as needed.

Features and Benefits

Placing curtains or drapery in a space can add elegance, but heavy window treatments sometimes create a dark, heavy feeling. Sheer vertical shades provide the perfect juncture between an elegant look and feel of curtains and breezy, open light filtering options.

Light SmartDrape shades allow you to adjust the natural light in a room and enjoy an aesthetic focal point that ties the space together. These versatile window coverings can add character, light control, and customizable vanes for any window or door.

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Walk Through Vanes

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Poetry of Moving Lights

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Door/Wide Window Solution

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Easy Operation

Sheer Innovation

Enhance any room with the elegant, light touch of sheer vertical shades. Install these window coverings in living spaces, bedrooms, conference rooms, or offices to achieve a new level of style and functionality.

SmartDrape shades offer safe, user-friendly operation of high-quality vertical sheers. The subtle, flowing design makes these window treatments ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, and since you can part the vanes and walkthrough, you can leave the door open and seamlessly blend the inside and outside. Homeowners and business owners should take advantage of this sheer style for central gathering areas.

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Designing Your Space

Sheer vertical shades offer high versatility for light-filtering patterns, colors, and fabrics. Choosing combinations that complement the look and feel of your home interiors is essential to creating a harmonious and beautiful final product.

That’s why our Cut-Yardage window treatment professionals offer an in-home consultation. By examining your space in person, we create custom sheer vertical shades that suit your design and functional needs. Schedule your consultation today.


Vertical Sheer Shades Inspiration

Vertical sheer shades enhance the feel of any indoor or outdoor space. Explore examples of how these window treatments transformed both residential and commercial spaces.